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Extempore in SSB Selection Program

Extempore in SSB Selection Program

Extempore in SSB Selection ProgramThink of something a place, an object, a person or any topic controversial or political or knowledge-based, lot of thoughts will start coming in our mind. These thoughts are scattered around us and we really don’t know which thought to pick or to drop. We further get muddled when we know that we need to express those thoughts in an orderly manner. Not only express but also has to stand confidently in front of many and then need to express. This situation further worsens when you have no idea, what that topic will look like. It is a chaotic state of mind to handle, so many things at one point of time. This is what we understand,what “Extempore” is.Now the big question – Is that really so?In reality, Extempore is way of life. It is just like having a dialogue with someone. It is about sharing your opinion. It is also called as Impromptu speaking. Now the question is:Do we really think when we talk to someone?Do we really ponder when we are in an interaction with someone?

Importance of Extempore in the SSB Selection process

SSB Selection process is basically about elimination. If by any means, a process can simply let us know about the real representation of one self, it will make the job easy of the assessor.In the extempore, the individual is bound to speak with no alteration as the simulative environment holds the individual mind so strongly. So it plays a vital role in the selection process of SSB.

Extempore – In real sense

Extempore depicts the way our mind is conditioned. Since childhood we go through so many experiences and these experiences our building blocks of our mind. Every experience gets stored in our sub-conscious mind as a cache which gets restored when we need to ponder on some idea. Now the beauty is that we can’t delete these memories. So extempore is the real representation of the individual without any dilution. So it is quite useful for the assessor to understand the real self of any person.Now can we say that we cannot change our thought process. Reality is that we have a choice to change our thought process if we place other memory for that idea. This happens with lot of structured and conscious thought process.So we need to contemplate taking one idea at a time and try to bring the best thoughts out of it and once those thoughts come up we need to hold it firmly in our mind. These thoughts need to be conceptualized comprehensively. It means that idea need to structure in 4 following steps:
  1. Introduction
  2. Few points stating pros and cons
  • Main idea to be explained
  1. Final conclusion with action plan

Extempore Process

Every cadet will get 3 topics and 30 seconds to ponder about the topic. The cadet has to decide one topic and then need to express thoughts for maximum 2 minutes.Do’s and Don’t
  1. Always do rehearse multiple topics before appearing for an Extempore.
  2. Spend your initial 30 seconds wisely.
  3. Need to keep a structure/framework in mind (4 step Methodology)
  4. Your starting and ending is very important.
  1. Don’t keep extreme view point
  2. Don’t give judgements. You need to present your opinion
  3. Don’t close your extempore abruptly. Share your thoughts comprehensively
  4. Don’t speak too fast

SSB Coaching in Nimbus

At Nimbus Defence Academy, we start preparing the students for SSB Coaching along with the written exam. The students go through the formal classes of Extempore, Group Discussion, Thematic Apperception Test, Word Association Test and all other stages of SSB Selection process. This enlarge the horizon of the students for successful clearing of the SSB Selection process.Every month, Nimbus Defence Club organizes a competition on any one theme of SSB selection process. This is one of the excellent platform for students to participate in a simulative environment similar to SSB Campus. Herein, students come together, participate and learn from each other.Extempore Topics in SSB
S.NoKnowledge based topicsGeneral TopicsCurrent topics
1Article 376 is an Insult to Indian DemocracyLove marriage or arrange marriageSwachh Bharat Mission
2AGNI VHard work or intelligenceTriple Talaq Bill
3ISISAdult Education#MeToo Movement in India
4Juvenile crimeChild marriageAyodhya Verdict
5Training in Armed ForcesFav cricketerDigital Economy
6ISROYour Favorite DayCybercrime
7Defence BudgetChild LaborRole of Opposition in Indian Politics
8South China Sea DisputeWhy Youth Hesitate to Join Defense ForcesArtificial Intelligence
9Why China is the biggest threat to IndiaYou-tubeIndia’s air pollution
10Nuclear energyWomen Safety in IndiaGlobalization
11Iran nuclear dealSocial Media’s role in societyGlobal warming
12AFSPA – Armed Forces Special Power ActEducation System in IndiaCryptocurrency
13National Register of Citizens (NRC)Role of youth in nation buildingG 20
14Kashmir IssueInternet revolutionTerrorism
15Religious Tolerance in IndiaEvolution in telecommunicationMake in India