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Thematic Apperception Test in SSB

Thematic Apperception Test in SSB – Introduction

Thematic Apperception Test in SSB

Everything we do or experience in our life, it results inframingan image in our mind. This image is stored in our mind in terms of feelings, thoughts, motives, beliefs and values.  And when we think of similar experience, same image pop up in our mind which condition our system with same thought process and feelings. In thematic Apperception test, it is designed with same thought process. An image is shown to the individual which condition the mind with some thought process from the experiences that individual had. Especially when an image is abstract in nature, it co-relates with various images stored in our mind. This is the beauty of this test which helps in identifying the personality traits of an individual.

Thematic Apperception Test in SSB -Background

The thematic apperception test (TAT) is projective psychological test which is an implicit measure of personality. This test was developed and published by an American psychologist Henry A. Murray in collaboration with psychoanalyst at Harvard University in the late 1930s. This test helps in measuring the implied motives of the person that are believed to be unconscious in nature. This was initially used to identify the underlying motives of the criminals but later was used in the various selection process. This test has great importance in the SSB Selection process.

Thematic Apperception Process in SSB

During SSB 10 abstract images are shown to the cadets wherein the cadet will be given 1 minute for each image. Cadet has to write a story for each image and then the next image is shared with the cadet. So in all the cadet will get 10 minutes to write 10 stories.

The process seems quite simple however the evaluation of these stories is very dynamic. This is due to lack of standardization and scoring practices, and controversial interpretation. Despite its provocative nature as a projective assessment, the TAT remains one of the most crucial projective tests in personality assessment during SSB.

Important points in Thematic Apperception test

Cadets must ensure following points for constructing a well though story:

  • Examine the image for 10 Seconds before framing a story and identify the main hero in the image. The hero must depict or perform qualities which an officer of the Armed Forces should possess while framing a story.
  • In this process, there will be Other characters who help the hero in the execution of the task undertaken by him.
  • Examine the Situation in the Story:
    • What is happening in the image at that point of time?
    • What led to this situation?
    • What will be the final outcome?
  • Important tips:
    • Overall story should be interesting and end successfully.
    • The story should be made using all resources or characters present in the image.
    • The assessor must not be in doubt or guessing while reading the story.

SSB Coaching in Nimbus

At Nimbus Defence Academy, we start preparing the students for SSB Coaching along with the written exam. The students go through the formal classes of Thematic Apperception Test, Word Association Test and all other stages of SSB Selection process. This enlarge the horizon of the students for successful clearing of the SSB Selection process.

Every month, Nimbus Defence Club organizes a competition on any one theme of SSB selection process. This is one of the excellent platform for students to participate in a simulative environment similar to SSB Campus. Herein, students come together, participate and learn from each other.

TAT Sample Images

tat sample img a

tat sample image b

tat sample img c

tat sample img d

tat sample image f

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