• SSB Interview

    SSB Interview

    Every year Lakhs of young aspirants dream of becoming an officer in Indian Defence Forces. Being an military officer is one of the most prestigious & respectable careers. There are approximately 2000-2500 officers being inducted into Indian Air force, Army & Navy in a year. To become an officer everyone needs to go through SSB interview, considered to be one of the most challenging interviews across the world. After clearing the written exams the candidate is called for respective SSB centres as per the preference filled by the candidate.

    SSB Interview Process:

    SSB Interview is conducted over a period of 5 days. The boarding & lodging is maintained by the SSB centre itself. SSB Interview process Includes ;-

    1. Screening Round:

    On Day 1, Officer Intelligence test is conducted followed by PPT Test. In case a candidate is not qualified in the test he is sent back. This is called screening Test at SSB Centres. The shortlisted

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      2. Psychometric Tests:

      On 2nd day the candidates go through the psychometric Test which are evaluated to judge the attitude & traits of the candidate.

      3. Conference :

      The conference is done on the final day. Its like a panel interview only where the Interviewing officer, GTO & psychologist are all together in the panel. It is a last opportunity to showcase your potential in case you have not been able to perform as per your potential. It is presumed that conference is important only for those who are border line cases.

      4. Result:

      After Conference interview the final result is declared. The candidates who are not recommended are sent back to their homes & the candidates who are recommended proceed to next phase of Medical Examination.


      At Nimbus Defence Academy we start preparing the students along with the written exam. The students are put through regular exercises of group discussion, extempore, debates etc. There are physical activities on weekends. The students are put through running, cycling , swimming, rope climbing, long jump , high jump & group tasks. By the time they clear written exam they will be well prepared for the  SSB as well. The final conditioning camp of 14 days is just sufficient for them to fine tune their skills.

      All these activities are taken care of by officers from Indian defence forces. Colenel Munish& Colonel Arvind Kumar are in charge of SSB program.

      SSB program at Nimbus Defence Academy is of 14 Days duration and it includes :-

      S. No. Activities
      Physical activities like swimming, cycling, running etc.
      Psychometric Tests 4 Modules of each of the exercises of psychometric tests to be conducted in SSB
      Daily Rounds of Group Discussion, Group Planning & Extempore.
      6 Days in ground for GTO tasks & activities
      4 Lectures on Behaviour, Etiquettes , Personal Interview, Officer Like Qualities
      3 Mock Interviews with Video Recording with feedback
      2 Conference rounds with feedback & recording
      2 Sessions on Screening Round
      3 One to one sessions to review performance after 3 Days, 8 Days & 14 Days.
      Access to the Mentor even after you complete the course and put on self-study.

      Cost of the Program

      The cost of the program is Rs 12000/- which includes Tea/ Coffee twice in a day.

      The charges or hostel facility will be separate.

      For Details Contact us at Nimbus Defence Academy- NDA COACHING IN CHANDIGARH.

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