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NIMBUS DEFENCE ACADEMY is India’s Pioneer institutes for Defence examination preparation. Headquartered in Chandigarh, we provide Learning features that are unparalleled in the country. We have a Team of Dedicated and Respectable Professionals with Proven Credentials and Passion for Transforming the Youth. All the students are guided by the experienced Trainers that have been working in the industry for years and know the INs and OUTs of training students to the core. What sets apart NIMBUS from other institutes is our Success ratio, which is best across India & We are proud to produce Hundreds of success stories till date.
Our training is based on the fundamental belief that every student has the potential to succeed. Years of experience in this field of grooming students for the Defence Forces have taught us that the best results come from adjusting our training to each individual’s unique background, skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc, and setting their level for the challenges ahead. Our trainers empower students through Personalised Training and Support, helping them develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed.






Wg. Cdr. I.S. Chahal is Ex – NDA accomplished Pilot of the Indian Air Force. He has assessed numerous cadets during his 6 years tenure as a Group Testing Officer in Two separate SSBs. Being himself an EX-NDA cadet, he very well understands the challenges faced by the aspiring cadets and his vast experience and knowledge enrich the cadets & brings out their true self.




Lt.Col Sharma is a Former Senior G.T.O . He is also a former ADC to State Governor. He has a Vast Experience of 6 years as an assessor in SSB. He has successfully mentored Hundreds of Candidates torealise their dream of Joining the armed forces of India.




Gp. Capt Tanwar headed the Training school at Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR). During his two tenures at Air Force Selection Board Varanasi & Dehradun, He evaluated and identified potential candidates for induction as officers into Defence services. He has conducted about 8000 personality interviews.




Colonel Arvind Kumar is one of the most sought after officers among cadets. Always energetic & motivated to guide & mentor the youngsters. The ex. Officers guide the cadets on OLQs, life skills & share his own life experiences. Colonel Arvind has been instrumental in enriching the cadets with a lot of JOSH & JAJBA to work consistently towards their goal.





I fully owe my success to NIMBUS DEFENCE ACADEMY. The study material, practice tests, mock Tests, revision sessions, ever motivating teachers & trainers & mentorship program, everything in NIMBUS DEFENCE ACADEMY is perfectly planned for an NDA aspirant. To master the NDA Exam we need a focused study plan & competitive environment, where we can learn & evaluate simultaneously. Also start working on the SSB foundation which is very important to be successful in the final SSB Interview. Work on small things and results will multiply. Just follow what your mentor tells you to do. Be optimistic & straight forward. Consistency will be your biggest strength.



I recently got recommended for TES-47 from 19 ssb Allahabad. Thanks to all your support and guidance. My experience at NIMBUS DEFENCE ACADEMY was very good as I was able to clear my NDA written examination in a short preparatory period. In addition to that, the teaching faculty also helped me in grooming my personality and I was able to be more open while talking to people. The weekend SSB classes and games helped me to stay mentally and physically fit. Moreover the ambience of the academy is perfect to grow and learn. It was a great experience. The exposure we got during the training certainly helped me to develop officer-like qualities.



The experience of nimbus academy is one of the best experience of my life and the outcomes are also very fruitful. The environment of the academy is good for the defense aspirants. The books provided by the academy are very helpful as there is quality content and the notes are crisp which makes it easy to revise before the exam. The infrastructure and amenities in the classroom are excellent. Printed notes were provided by the faculties which reduces the written work and student can focus more on the lecture in class. Nimbus academy also provides an option of staying in academy after the class hours to clear all the doubts and queries of any subject. Before the exams one shot classes were carried out which helps in revising whole the syllabus at once. The mock test at the academy are very helpful in uplifting the performance and also gives a clear overview. Efforts of both the teacher and students are important for success and all the faculties of nimbus academy are full of experience and knowledge.



What was thought and expected from the course was just a practical experience but what I got is more than that. The course re-established my belief: what I need is discipline not motivation. Really Blessed to be here. Nimbus holds a great share in my success. Their entire faculty is to be credited for guiding me throughout, and being so assiduous during this entire journey. I am really glad that I chose Nimbus. I am also blessed to have been under the supervision of such wonderful teachers who led me through everything. Finally, I want to sum up by saying that for clearing NDA along with individual hard work, one also requires proper and channelized Preparation and Nimbus flawlessly provided it to every student.



I joined Nimbus Defence Academy just after my 11th class in April and started my preparation for the written exam to be held in September (postponed to November). The Teachers at Nimbus were very supportive. They cleared my every doubt even during holidays. We got individual attention and weekly feedback on our performance and our weak areas were discussed. Tests were regular according to the schedule. The study material provided by NIMBUS was very helpful & attempting questions from Nimbus books boosted my confidence. Focus was also given on games and extracurricular activities. Apart from written preparation Nimbus also provided SSB foundation classes on every Sunday, which helped a lot in SSB. During the last days there used to be classes of 8-9 hrs which helped in revision.



why choose

Nimbus Defence Academy ?

  • Comprehensive Study Material

    The entire study material is designed & developed by the experts based upon latest trends & patterns of the Exam.

  • Quality Teaching

    The entire Team at Nimbus Defence Academy is experienced & qualified & they know how to get the best out of a Candidate.

  • Personality Development

    Every Sunday there is special session on Interpersonal Skill along with activities like GD, Extempore, Debate etc.

  • Personal Mentorship

    All the candidates & personally mentored by Col. Arvind Kumar & the candidates are motivated to give their best.

  • Weekly Tests

    After every Topic there is Doubt session followed by Tests to assess the level of learning of the candidate. A candidate gets more than 12000 questions to solve.

  • Library Facility

    The students can sit down for self study& assessment in the library where he is provided with all sort of books related to defence exams.

  • Defence Personnel for SSB

    We have Col. Arvind Kumar & Col RBS Kanwar, who has served as GTO in Service Selection Board. They motivate the candidates to give their best in everything they do.

  • Highest Selection Rate

    We have one of the highest selection rate with over 60% of our candidates from Nimbus Defence Academy cracking the written exams.

  • Access to Videos & Tests on App

    All the classes are available to the students in recorded format in the mobile application & the students may get the access to these Videos, PDFs & Tests on the mobile app round the clock.

  • Hostel Facility

    The students coming from far of places can avail of the hostel facility at a nominal Charges & keep their focus on study.



Our training is based on the fundamental belief that every student has the potential to succeed. We focus on students as individuals, providing them with the support they need to reach their full potential.

Years of experience in this field of grooming students for the Defence Forces have taught us that the best results come from adjusting our training to each individual’s unique background, skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc, and setting their level for appearing in their choice of examination. Our trainers empower students through Personalised Training and Support, helping them develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed.

Throughout our Competency-Based training, we continuously assess and evaluate students’ progress—not only through scheduled testing but during their entire training. This helps us understand where our students excel and where they need additional guidance.

Our team includes Experienced assessors who have been part of various Selection Boards with years of experience in the field of assessing candidates. Our team also includes SSB Recommended candidates who share their experience and strategy that help new students in relating with their own strategies and improve their performance.

We set clear goals and inspire our students to work hard in every situation while recognizing that mistakes are an integral part of the learning process. Our students and staff work together to transform mistakes into development.

We train our students in an Inclusive and Realistic environment characterised by consideration and mutual respect. In every aspect of training, we practise well for all the tests.


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