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  • The NDA (National Defence Academy) exam pattern typically consists of two stages: a written examination and an SSB (Service Selection Board) interview. At NIMBUS DEFENCE ACADEMY we cover written as well as SSB.


Here’s a detailed breakdown of the exam pattern:


Written Examination:

  • Mathematics: This section usually covers topics like Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus and Differential Equations, Vector Algebra, Statistics, and Probability.
  • General Ability Test (GAT): This section comprises English and General Knowledge.
  • English: Questions test candidates’ understanding of Grammar, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.
  • General Knowledge: This section includes questions on Physics, Chemistry, General Science, History, Geography, Current Events, and Current Affairs.


SSB Interview:

  • This stage evaluates candidates’ Officer-Like Qualities (OLQ’s) through various psychological tests, group tasks, and personal interviews.
  • It assesses attributes like leadership potential, communication skills, social adaptability, courage, determination, and confidence.
  • The written exam is conducted in offline mode, while the SSB interview is a series of tests conducted for 05 days which includes 02 stages. Success in both stages is necessary for final selection. It’s crucial to prepare thoroughly for both the written exam and the SSB interview to increase your chances of success.


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There you will get Excellent teachers for each subject as well as Ex – assessor of SSB boards to guide you towards your success.


Why Choose Nimbus Defence Academy?

  • Comprehensive NDA Exam Preparation: We offer a robust curriculum meticulously designed to address all aspects of the NDA written exam, including Mathematics, English, General Science, and Current Affairs. Our expert faculty members like Ajay Sir (Mathematics), Akshay Sir (General Studies), Prabhat Sir (English) & Priya Ma’am (Science) ensures in-depth understanding of key concepts and exam-oriented strategies.
  • Specialised SSB Interview Guidance: Our team of seasoned armed forces assessors like Brig K.D Singh, Brig. Satyendra Dixit, Wing Commander Iqbal Singh Chahal & Lt.Col Ravi Sharma provides invaluable guidance and training for the SSB interview process. We equip candidates with the necessary skills and techniques to excel in psychological tests, group tasks, and individual interviews.
  • Online and Offline Learning Flexibility: We cater to diverse learning styles by offering both online and offline NDA coaching programs. Our interactive online platform allows for convenient access to study materials and live sessions, while our well-equipped academy in Chandigarh provides a focused learning environment.
  • Unmatched Infrastructure and Support: At Nimbus Defence Academy, we believe in providing a conducive learning atmosphere. Our academy boasts modern classrooms, a dedicated library, and a supportive staff, ensuring students have all the resources they need to succeed.
  • Proven Track Record of Success: Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the consistent success stories of our students. We take pride in a proven track record of guiding numerous aspirants towards achieving their NDA goals.


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  • Choosing Nimbus Defence Academy is an investment in your future. We are not just a coaching institute; we are your partners in realising your NDA aspirations.
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